Story of Simon Halls: What we know about Matt Bomer’s Husband

simon halls with husband matt bomer

With his breakthrough role as the con artist Neal Caffrey American in the 2009 police procedural drama ‘White Collar’, American actor Matt Bomer quickly became one of the most popular actors on TV. From then onwards his career continued to soar, with opportunities to work in multiple TV shows and movies. However his personal life too began to be caught up in many rumors; most of which linking to his sexuality.

It wasn’t until 2012 that he finally put all the speculations and rumors about his sexuality to rest. While accepting an honor at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, the actor came out as gay, publicly thanking his partner, Simon Halls and their three kids. Following the revelation, the public’s curiosity with Simon only grew. So who really is Simon Halls with whom Matt Bomer has created such a beautiful family? Let’s find out.


Simon Halls is a Canadian

Despite making quite a name for himself in the US, Simon Halls actually comes from its neighboring country, Canada. He was born on 12 January, 1964 in Toronto, Canada. He completed his high school studies from Canada and then proceeded to move to the US in order to pursue higher education. He enrolled at the University of Southern California during which he went on to build up his portfolio to work as a PR agent.

Halls always Questioned his Sexuality

As a kid growing up in the 70s, Simon Halls considered himself being confused about his sexuality which ultimately led him to date a few girls during his school days. However after questioning his sexuality for years, he finally embraced the truth regarding his sexuality. Talking about his initial confirmation, he said that he felt relieved and that it was the best decision he had ever made.  

His early PR jobs include big names

After working as an assistant in many PR firms, his first break as Public Relation agent came through Warner Bros which is one of the biggest Hollywood movie studios. After working for a few years, he was able to build up needed connections throughout the industry. His next step in his career led him to Russia where he worked as the PR manager for the Russia’s first ever outlet of McDonald’s. He stayed in Russia for two years before coming back to the US for a new chapter in his life. 

After returning to the US in the early 90s, he started working for the BWR Public Relations, a very well known firm which held an impressive clientele list of big names like Jude Law, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brad Pitt and many more.

Simon Co-founded his first PR Firm, Huvane Baum Halls

After gaining experience working for many PR firms, Simon Halls stepped right into fulfilling his lifelong dream of establishing his own firm. In 1995, he partnered with fellow publicist Stephen Huvane and Robin Baum and started ‘Huvane Baum Halls’ PR firm. For six years, the firm managed to acquire an impressive reputation within the industry and had big name clients including Russell Crowe, Jennifer Anniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. This led them to being offered to be acquired by the PMK in 2001. The partners of the firm all came to an agreement and acquisition was made shortly after.

He met Matt Bomer through Work

simon hall with matt bomer

After selling his first PR firm, Simon Halls started to work independently as a publicist. During this period sometime in the mid 2000s, he met actor Matt Bomer. They started dating shortly after; however their relationship remained hidden for quite some time.  

He married Matt in a very private ceremony

With a hit show under his belt and many more opportunities waiting for Matt Bomer, the couple showed hesitation to address the rumors surrounding Matt’s sexuality. However in 2012, Bomer finally came out as gay publicly at a humanitarian awards. Accepting the award ‘New Generations Arts and Activism Awards’ for his efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS, he thanked his partner. He said, “I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You’ll always be my proudest accomplishment.”

Although he publicly came out of being in a relationship with Simon Halls, it wasn’t until 2014 that they revealed that they had actually gotten married in 2011 in a small event in New York. Talking about their wedding, Bomer said, “It was very chill and very small, just our closest and dear ones. There is a security, a validity of knowing that it is legal. It’s just a feeling. I think something about saying vows in front of people around you who love and support you. It was good for our family.”

He has 3 children with Matt

When the couple first met, Simon already had his first son, Kit on May 27, 2005 through surrogacy. In 2008, their twin sons Walker and Henry were born. Keeping their relationship out of the public eye has certainly helped both Matt and Simon to raise their children without being under scrutiny and now everyone can see how tight knit the whole family is. 

Simon is now a co-founder of Slate PR

In 2010, Simon Halls started his new venture and co-founder Slate PR with longtime friend Stephen Huvane. Along the years, the firm has managed to build quite a reputation in the industry. They represent clients like Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Murphy, Ridley Scott, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Ang Lee and many more. He has also been cited by Business Insider as one of the best publicists in Hollywood, which speaks to how influential he is in the industry. Despite all of this, he enjoys staying out of the limelight as much as possible. 

Hollywood marriages are rarely long lasting. However, Simon and Matt are still very in love with each other and their successful marriage continues to defy this stereotype.

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