Biography of Tavior Mowry: The Man Who’s Destiny Got Altered With Unexpected Turn of Events

Tavior Mowry

You have got a plan for yourself, you put all your energy and work hard to achieve it. Then, life throws you a curveball and suddenly you need to choose a different path ahead in the world. That’s what has happened to Tavior Mowry. Raised with the dream of becoming a footballer, Tavior suddenly took a big step and changed his life goal of becoming a musician. But what was the reason behind him taking the life-changing step?

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Tavior Mowry’s Early Childhood

Tavior Mowry was born on July 5, 1993, at Fort Irwin, California. He was born to parents Timothy Mowry, a US veteran, and Darlene Mowry. He was raised along with his siblings named Tia, Tamera, and Tahj Mowry. They all are well-known celebrities who have gained fame from their teenage. As Tavior belongs to the big family, he has experienced what it’s like to live in the shadows of stardom.

Raised in a military family, Mowry learned about hard work, passion, and discipline from an early age of his life. 

Tavior was into Sports before Debuting as a Musician

Tavior Mowry football career

Regarding his educational qualification, he attended Westlake High School. He was one of the best players on his school’s football team. He has garnered interest in sports like football from his childhood days. While in his high school football team, he showed his outstanding performance of having rushed 3,278 yards and done 43 touchdowns. This led him to be merited for the All- Marmonte League honoree twice.

Moreover, his successful football career gained him a scholarship at the University of California. During his tenure in the university, Tavior was also part of the football team where he showed his promising performance. In 2013, he joined his team UC Davis to play against Northern Arizona followed by a match in Idaho State. His outstanding performance in the team allowed the team to gain massive success in nine other games that too in 2013. He held the second-most carries for the UC Davis finishing with 53 for a third-best 184 yards. The same year he was declared as MVP of his team.

Tavior Mowry Music career

However, a miserable incident of a significant injury hit his aspiring football career as a result of which he has to face setbacks. After his football career was terminated, he ended up taking the job as a wine salesperson. Tavior Mowry later decided to quit his soul-sucking job as a wine salesperson to pursue his love for music.

After giving some thought, he decided to attend an audio engineering school to hone his music skills. When asked in an interview about how he is planning on positioning himself in the newfound career, he said;

“Something that I have taken off the field into this studio is that if you can play all the positions, you won’t find yourself on the bench. And that is kind of motto that I live by. So, you know, I can fill in the cracks. I can fill in the holes wherever I am needed. And I feel that the more diverse you are, the more opportunities there are for you.”

Till now, he has worked with star kids like The Kooks, Jessie Ware, and Talib Kweli. Besides, Tavior is also a self-taught guitarist, pianist, and bassist. He goes by the stage name Dontae Adisa.

Witnessing Success as Dontae Adisa

Tavior is a well-known singer, composer, and musician under the name Dontae Adisa. However, most of his fans do not know he belongs to the famous Mowry clan. In an interview with “The Launch Table“, he revealed he wanted to be recognized on the basis of his own talent rather than through his sibings’ popularity. He recently released his first project titled ‘Honey’. The rap song was pretty liked by his fans. To this day of writing, he has written, produced, and sung few more songs that includes ‘Flick’ and ‘Orange and Vanilla.’

His Siblings: Tia, Tamera, and Tahj Are into the Acting Gig Unlike Him

Mowry Siblings

Tavior Mowry grew up in a family surrounded by three siblings who are as talented as him. He has always garnered attention because of his famous siblings.  He has two sisters named Tia and Tamera and an elder brother named Tahj Mowry. While his siblings have made a career in acting, he tried to come out of the shadows of his popular siblings and made a career in football. However, he has taken a step toward the music industry.

His sister Tamera is an award-winning American actress, a model, and a singer who became famous from her teenage days. She gained fame for her teen role as Tamera Campbell in the hit comedy series Sister, Sister opposite her twin sister Tia Mowry.

Likewise, Tamera is also known for the medical drama String Medicine for portraying the role of Dr. Kayla Thornton. She is married to Adam Housley – the Fox news reporter and award-winning correspondent. The couple has a son named Aden John Tanner Housley and daughter Aria Talea Housley.

Tavior’s other sister Tia is an actor and producer by profession and is best recognized for her work in the TV series The Game. Besides, she has also written books like Oh, Baby! Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another, and Twintuition which she has co-written with her sister Tamera. Tia has tied the nuptial knot with the Hollywood actor Cory Hardrict and is blessed with two children, Cree Taylor Hardrict, and Cairo Tiana Hardrict.

Besides, his only brother Tahj is also an actor by profession who rose to fame after he portrayed the role of T.J. Henderson in the sitcom Smart Guy.

The Mowry Siblings Have Each Other’s Back during Difficult Times

The Mowry siblings share a strong bonding with each which often can be seen by the posts they share on their social media handles. Recently, when Tavior’s eldest sister Tia announced her divorce from her husband of fourteen years, Cordy, the siblings supported her like a rock. In an interview with Today, one of the Mowry siblings Tamera said that she will always have her back no matter what and she will always standing behind her through thick and thin. She said:

I support her. Whatever she wants, the Mowrys gave her back. I love her dearly. She is strong, but I know right now she just kind of wants to process it all, take it all in and be a little private about that. And as a sister, I am just going to respect that.

Mowry Proposed His Girlfriend Zandy Going Down on his Knees

Tavior Mowry got engaged to girlfriend Zandy Fitzgerald

The younger Mowry brother has recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Zandy Fitzgerald on July 27, 2020. He broke the news on his Instagram account sharing photos of him proposing to Zandy on his knees. Both of them looked very happy with the pictures shared by them.

The duo dated for two and a half years before getting engaged. The bride-to-be revealed they first met as strangers two and a half years ago while they were eating ramen together completely unaware of the presence of each other.

In the initial days of dating, Tavior tried to hide her identity. He used to address her as Miss Z while sharing the pictures. Meanwhile, as time passed by, the duo started opening more about their relationship.

Tavior is Now Officially Off the Market

Tavior Mowry married his fiance Zandy Fitzgerald on September 21, 2020, in a private ceremony. Their wedding took place at the Graystone Quarry in Nashville. He has kept the ceremony really private as the inside details of the wedding are still unreachable. His wedding news only surfaced in the media when he made an announcement posting a picture of him with his newlywed wife Zandy from their big day on Instagram.

Tavior Mowry with wife Zandy Fitzgerald

Tavior got his Breakthrough Role from Karen

Tavior appeared in a small role as Isaiah in the 2021 thriller ‘Karen.’ He worked with his brother-in-law, Cory Hardict who starred in the movie. Although the movie did substantially poor in both the department of critics and box office, Tavior might have found a new path to pursue. It’s not the first time an aspiring musician has turned into an actor. And, with backing from his sisters, he could be heading to more future projects in Hollywood.

Net Worth: How much does he earn?

Tavior Mowry might have added more amount to his net worth if the tragic incident hadn’t happened which ended his football career. However, he has begun his career in the world of music. Therefore, as of 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $500,000.

His sisters Tia and Tamera’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million. Likewise, his brother Tahj Mowry’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Social Media Presence

Being the sibling of the popular personalities, he has garnered a lot of admirers. He is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He is available on Instagram to handle taviordontaemowry with 254k followers. Similarly, you can follow him on Twitter where he has 8.4k followers. He’s quite active in both Twitter space as well as Instagram sharing multiple tweets and posts everyday. His Insta itself depicts his journey as a musician.

Tavior Mowry is a living example that it’s possible to change paths in life and to kick start a new journey if you believe in yourself.

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