Meet William Gibson: Know Everything about Actor Mel Gibson’s Third son who enjoys a lowkey life

William Gibson son of Mel Gibson

For celebrity kids, attention from the media and public is something they slowly but surely become accustomed to. For some, however, escaping from all the noise of being linked to a famous parent often becomes a blessing. One such celebrity kid is actor Mel Gibson’s third son William Gibson. With a father who is not only famous for his work but also for a very controversial personal life, it is quite surprising that William Gibson has embraced a much low-key life and tried distancing himself from the unwanted drama and criticism. So what do we know about William Gibson and what has he been up to?


William is Mel Gibson‘s Fourth Kid

William Gibson with his parents

William Gibson was born on June 11, 1985, to parents Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Gibson. His parents met each other for the first time when Mel was an up-and-coming theatre actor and his mother Robyn was working as a dental nurse in Adelaide, Australia.

After getting married on June 7, 1980, his parents remained married for the next three decades before separating from one another citing irreconcilable differences. Till this day, the divorce of his parents is considered as one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood.

William has Six Siblings and Two Half-siblings

Actor Mel Gibson has fathered a total of nine children from three different women. Through his marriage with Robyn Moore, he shares eight children. William Gibson is the younger brother to Hannah Mae Gibson born in 1980 and twin older brothers Christian and Edward born in 1982. He also has three younger siblings; Louis born in 1988, Milo born in 1990 and Thomas born in 1999.

Following the divorce of his parents, his father got romantically linked with Russian songwriter and pianist Oksana Grigorieva with whom he had a daughter Lucia who was born on October 30, 2009. 

Since 2014, his father Mel Gibson is dating former equestrian vaulter and writer Rosalind Ross with whom he shares a son, Lars Gerard who was born on January 20, 2017. 

William also has Links with Other Famous People

While being the son of one of the most legendary talents in Hollywood is already a noticeable thing in Hollywood, he also comes from a lineage with a history of famous people. His maternal grandfather Stephen Vincent Moore was a British actor who is mostly known for his work in Television from the 1970s to 2016. Some of his most famous work includes Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, Doctor Who, Arthur in the Queen’s Nose and many more. 

From his father’s side, William’s great grandmother, Eva Mylott was an Opera contralto. William’s grandfather Hutton Gibson was an American writer on sedevacantism, a World War II veteran and the 1968 Jeopardy! Grand champion. Mel Gibson’s younger brother and Willliam’s uncle Donal Gibson was also an actor and has done multiple both on-screen and voice acting such as Pocahontas II: Journey to the New World, Maverick, Braveheart, The Punisher and many more.

William’s older sister Hannah is married to Grammy-nominated Blues musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd. His siblings have been making a name for themselves, especially his younger brother Milo, who is following their father’s footsteps and taking up many acting gigs. He has worked on multiple projects including ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, ‘Gangster Land’, ‘Breaking and Exiting’, ‘The Outpost’ and many more. 

He is married to actress Stephanie Nur

William married to his  girlfriend Stephanie Nur

William Gibson married his longtime girlfriend Stephanie Nur on July 1, 2018. The ceremony was private and only had their close friends and families as the attending guests. The couple is yet to have children of their own. 

William’s wife Stephanie was born in 1988 in Cairo, Egypt to an Austrian diplomat and a Syrian painter’s parents. Due to the nature of her parents’ jobs, her family used to relocate to a different country every 3 years. Living in countries like Egypt, Austria, Romania, Italy, Jordan, etc has definitely helped her in adapting to languages like Arabic, German, Italic and English. 

Stephanie Nur started her acting journey after landing her first movie Risse Im Beton (Cracks in Concrete) in 2014. The Austrian film premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival with wide critical acclaim and its lead actor Murathan Muslu later even won an award for Best Actor at the 2015 Austrian Film Academy. From then on she has continued to work on different movies and tv series like The Quest (2014), Four Women and a Funeral (2019), 1883 (2019), North of the 10 (2022) and many more. 

Apart from this William’s wife is also quite known for her humanitarian work. After graduating from the University of Stirling in Scotland with a degree in MSc in Psychology, she worked for the UNHCR in Jordan in 2011. This project focused on providing aid to the humanitarian response associated with the crisis in Syria.

Unlike his Dad, William is a very Private Person

William Gibson enjoyin cannoying

Despite being linked to some of the most famous people in Hollywood, William Gibson has always opted for a very low-key lifestyle. Most of his private details regarding his education and his career are still a mystery to the general public. However, on some rare occasions, he does step up to support his beloved wife during important events.

His siblings are Still a Big part of his life

William Gibson with his siblings

The bond shared among the seven children of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore is very beautiful. Even though all of them have grown up and are now doing their own thing, they still remain to be a big part of each other’s lives. From celebrating holidays together to going on trips and vacations together, the siblings love spending quality time with each other. 

His siblings are also very fond of his life partner Stephanie. The Gibson family had previously gathered to celebrate their marriage union in 2018. His wife is also very close with his mother, sister Hannah and his brother’s partners, her sister even going as far as calling Stephanie her acquired sister. 

Does William Gibson still talk to his father Mel Gibson?

For a family that was heavily affected due to the separation of the parents, over the years the Gibson clan has certainly been able to turn over a new leaf in their respective lives. While most of the children of Mel and Robyn Moore Gibson were already adults at the time of their divorce, they definitely did not take the news very nicely. At one point, they even refused to talk to their father. But blood indeed runs thicker than water. After giving the news some time to accept, the siblings did come around their father.

With William’s younger brother Milo working on films with their father, it is highly unlikely that any of them share any bad blood with their father. Milo has even gone on record to talk about the support he got from his dad. He said:

“No, there wasn’t discouragement or encouragement necessarily. My dad was always a big advocate of doing what you like to do, and keep doing new things and trying new things, but do what you love.”

After being in the media throughout his childhood, it is quite admirable that William Gibson has found stability and peace by keeping his life away from the limelight. 

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