The 5 Secrets About Spock Only A Handful Of People Know.


One of the most paradigmatic characters of the late 60s fictional TV series, Star Trek, Spock is a brand in itself.

For science fiction fans who love Big Bang Theory (series), Spock shouldn’t be a mystery as Sheldon mentions him way too much.

In the midst of iconic buildups and characters, Captain Spock shined like no-one else.

Do you think you got the good gist of your favourite sci-fi character? Well, we have got trivia that will give you a good head scratching.

Here are 5 facts about the universe’s favourite falcon that you probably don’t know


Leonard Nimoy only appeared once as Spock

While his fans have tried to replicate his tog in comic cons and various events, Leonard Nimoy (the man behind the costume) said he has only appeared once as Spock.

In his twitter handle, he posted a photograph of him in the Spock Outfit at the Pear Blossom Festival. Gently, in caption he wrote:

“The only time I ever appeared in public as Spock. Medford, Oregon Pear Blossom Festival. 1967.”

Leonard nimoy as spock in his first and final event

According to his biography, I am Spock (1995)

After his fan popularity grew immensely, he started to get all sorts of offers for public appearances from different organizations. He accepted to go to Medford as Spock but says later regretted the decision.

“The problem came after when I was taken to a nearby park. A table was set up the bandstand so that I could sign autographs. But instead of the hundreds I’d hoped to see, there were thousands of people there. They surged forward so quickly that I was terrified someone would be crushed to death, and then they started pressing against the bandstand so hard it began to sway beneath my feet! The people with me soon realized we were in trouble. Fortunately, the local police came to the rescue and pulled me through the throng!

The incident became a media event, and no one was more surprised than I. Later that afternoon, as I was contemplating what had happened in the relative safety of my hotel room, I got a phone call from the head of NBC’s promotion department, who said,”From here on out, we’ll make sure you have security.”

So, as I said, I made sure never to appear publicly again in Vulcan guise. But the crowds still kept coming.

Unfortunately, that would also be the last time we will ever see him as Spock.

Leonard was never the first choice for Spock

william-shatner with spock

It’s really hard to imagine anyone as Spock rather than Leonard Nimoy. However, he wasn’t the first choice for this role. It was the lesser known Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy himself, DeForest Kelley, who was the primary choice. He denied the part thinking the role as illogical. Kelley himself told Star Trek Monthly, “It wouldn’t have worked with me as Spock.” Boy! Did he regret that decision?

The role was then offered to Adam West by Gene Roddenberry. But due to his tight schedule, he couldn’t make it. And finally, it went to Leonard Nimoy. And, who doesn’t remember that?

The Vulcan V-shaped hand gesture was the idea of Leonard Nimoy

We have been honoured to witness the actors who are never afraid to sprinkle some creativity in their acting. Just like Jim Parson’s came with his “Bazinga” tagline on the hit sitcom Big Bang Theory, Leonard was the actual mind behind the hand gesture.


The V-shaped hand gesture that’s used for greeting people like shaking hands was never the concept of the writers. It realistically came from the Spock himself who adapted and modified from Jewish priests. It’s actually a sign for “shin” in Hebrew.

The hand gesture with “Long live and prosper” is definitely the trademark of this epic tv series. However, there were few actors like Zachary Quinto (Little Spock) who needed to get his fingers glued as he couldn’t perform the sign correctly.

He was supposed to look different

The Spock we know looks more like an alien but according to the director of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, he had a different outlook for the captain. His initial choice was the red skin for Spock. He wanted him to be half-martian. But for few particular reasons that concept was dropped.

Spock Original Look
Concept art of Spock. Paramount/CBS

Firstly, the red skin gave a demonic vibe to the audience at that time. Why? Because in 60’s there was a huge racial debate going on and also most TVs were black and white. The red skin could then lead to a dark grey colour which could have been offensive to the black race.

The other thing was the time that would be wasted to simply put on the red makeup. Lucky for Gene and the producers, that the idea was dropped out after one of the writers suggested the consequences.

Spock’s real name is S’chn T’gai Spock

Some of the TV series like to keep the audience guessing when it comes to character names. Just like the Big Bang Theory hasn’t revealed Penny’s last name Spock’s name to hasn’t been revealed on screen.

In one of the episodes “The Side of Paradise,” he was asked about his name where he said his name is unpronounceable to humans. In the novel Ishmael though, Spock’s full name was given as S’chn T’gai Spock. But since the name wasn’t revealed in the Star Trek, the legitimacy of the name can’t be trusted.

So did you know any of these 5 facts? Well, bravo if you knew that. Now, let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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